Response in: TEXTJSONXML

Error Codes

Error Code HTTP Status Message Details
error_auth_required 401 Authorization Required Please provide proper authentication details.
error_resource_not_found 404 Resource Not Found The requested resource was not found. Please check the URL and try again.
error_method_invalid 405 Method Not Allowed Please use the proper HTTP method for this request.
error_no_action 421 No Action Performed The server attempted to process your request, but has no action to perform.
error_too_many_requests 429 Too Many Requests Please wait before making another request.
All errors will be sent with their corresponding HTTP status code.

Example error response: error_auth_required
The response will be a JSON error object, for example:
  "status": "401",
    "error_code": "error_auth_required",
    "message": "Authorization Required",
    "details": "Please make sure that your API key is correct."
The response will be an XML error object, for example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <message>Authorization Required</message>
  <details>Please make sure that your API key is correct.</details>